Ever wonder where exactly all these places are that we always talk about? Well, you're not alone. We've decided to set up this page to give you a heads up of where all these locations are in relation to each other.

We hope this helps you figure things out more. Enjoy!


Maps of Kenya
These maps give a general overview of Kenya. We've spotted all the locations where we spend most of our time.

Map 1

Map 2


Tribes of Kenya
There are 42 tribes in Kenya and 62 languages! It's hard to keep them all straight. Use this map to see the traditional tribal boundries for Kenya.

Tribes of Kenya



See all the locations on Google Maps
We've link all the locations on Google maps, all you have to do is click and see where we are.

  • Our house in Nakuru, Kenya
  • Camp Jabez in Gilgil, Kenya
  • Wamba in Samburu District, Kenya
  • Nkiseu in Samburu District
  • Ngilai in Samburu District
  • Osegel in Maasai-land
  • Mosiro in Maasai-land

    Google Earth
    If you haven't used Google Earth before, you really need to try it. It allows to see zoom in on almost every part of the world and see the landscape closeup. Try to find your house!

    Click here to download it